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Below are several of the videos that have been produced by Science in a Nutshell Productions.

Prescribed Fire

This video was produced by Science in a Nutshell Productions for the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission, and describes their use of prescribed fire to manage the Pine Bush ecosystem. The video plays in the main theater at the Pine Bush Discovery Center. It makes use of HD video, 3D animation, time lapse photography, and a custom score by Adrian Cohen to draw the viewer in and communicate important aspects of prescribed burns. This video won both Telly and Aurora video industry awards.


This video provides a short overview of the Dimesimeter, a diagnostic device developed at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Lighting Research Center (LRC). The Dimesimeter measures both the light exposure and activity of the person wearing it and can be used to improve the quality of life for people with Alzheimer's disease. Visit the LRC’s Dimesimeter web page for more information about it.

The Aging Eye

This is an interactive video produced for Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Lighting Research Center to explain how the eye changes with age, the effects of those changes, and how lighting design can be used to alleviate those effects. An expert on the subject provides a succinct overview of the topic, while at the same time 3D graphics, interactive features, and embedded links allow the viewer to explore the topic more fully. This video is presented in Adobe Flash and was programmed with ActionScript. Flash Player must be installed to view this video.


Perspectives on the Pine Bush Preserve

This video was produced by Science in a Nutshell Productions for the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission to show historical and current human involvement with the Pine Bush Preserve. This video is shown at an interactive kiosk at the Pine Bush Discovery Center. (Lower third names and titles are not used in this video because viewers can access more information with the touch screen interface.) Jay Ungar and Molly Mason graciously provided their music for the soundtrack.

High Tunnels

This is an excerpt from a full length video produced by Science in a Nutshell for the Regional Farm & Food Project and Cornell University Cooperative Extension. The video is about using high tunnels (a low cost greenhouse) to increase agricultural yields, improve crop quality, and extend the growing season. This video was produced in 2006 in standard definition video.

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